is kubernetes right for me?

Is Kubernetes Right for Me? Choosing the Best Deployment Platform for your Business

When running a business, any decision made is under scrutiny. Considering Kubernetes for managing your business infrastructure needs may sound effortless and tech-savvy, but choosing the best deployment platform is utterly strenuous. Unlike every business, you have unique goals and objectives aligned for your business, and selecting the deployment model will significantly impact time, effort, and overall performance.

Understanding Kubernetes – An Overview

Initially designed by engineers at Google in 2014, Kubernetes or K8s is an orchestration platform that automates operational tasks of container management. It has excellent built-in commands for deploying applications, rolling out changes to your applications, and scaling your applications up or down to meet fluctuating needs. Best of all, K8s offers monitoring capabilities making it easier to manage applications seamlessly.

Since its inception, Kubernetes have become a new norm for container orchestration. Today, it dominates the business world and continually contributes to enterprises’ success. Kubernetes has a growing open-source software ecosystem and a community of over 3000 contributors. Choosing the Right Deployment Platform

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Fully-Managed Kubernetes are the top three options available for deployment platforms. Each of the three comes with its uniqueness and drawbacks. Let’s discuss each in detail to understand better whether or not to involve the Kubernetes deployment model as an option for your business needs:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solutions: Take Care of Your Belongings

When looking for a cloud computing solution where you’re looking to manage everything, choose an IaaS solution like virtual machines as your preferred deployment model. Maintaining and managing IT resources is effortless without much expenditure on infrastructure setup. With CloudSigma IaaS service, your business can enjoy flexible high-performance cloud server deployments at the most lucrative pricing options. Our IaaS pricing starts from as low as $4 per month.

IaaS solutions such as Virtual Machines have several benefits:

  1. Ease of Use: Using a virtual machine is straightforward. Working on a customized VM is as same as working on the on-premises.
  2. Flexibility: Install anything of your choice with any abstract layers. You have complete control over how you manage and run your applications.
  3. Scalability: Scaling up and down is another reason for the high demands of VM. You can manage resources and pay based on your business needs.

Downside: When choosing an IaaS solution, you are in charge of everything. That means you will need to install, manage, upgrade and monitor. Also, your team must have skilled professionals to streamline infrastructure management.

Platform as a Service Solutions: Only Bring the Source Code

With PaaS solutions, you get chills from setting up and managing virtual machines and other infrastructure details. Using this cloud deployment model, you must take care of the code without worrying about other infrastructure details. Best of all, using automation in deploying and building code reduces the arduous efforts of writing the code explicitly. With CloudSigma IaaS service, your business can enjoy flexible high-performance cloud server deployments at the most lucrative pricing options. We offer flexible PaaS pricing for all levels of business, both big and small.

PaaS solutions such as have several benefits:

  1. End-to-end Solutions: With this deployment model, you take care of the source code with no need to bother with the infrastructure, networking, storage, or database.
  2. Monitoring Facilities: Reports, statistical records, metrics, logs, and databases are all included in the PaaS deployment model.

Downside: With PaaS solutions, you may have different flexibility than IaaS solutions. Also, it lacks portability, and the deployment configuration will be specific to your preferred cloud.

Fully Managed Kubernetes Solutions: Run Any Application Running on Kubernetes

CloudSigma provides fully-managed scalable environments for Kubernetes. This deployment model is fully managed by Kubernetes, where you can do anything on top of it. When you choose the managed pre-integrated Kubernetes services, CloudSigma takes care of all the infrastructure needs. The availability of Container Registry, Block Storage, Load Balancers, and Firewalls using the cloud Kubernetes mechanisms makes it the most demanding of other cloud deployment models. CloudSigma Kubernetes is available at Pay-as-You-Use pricing, where you pay on actual usage rather than paying for the server size.

Fully Managed Kubernetes solutions like Cloud Sigma Kubernetes have many benefits:

  1. Manageability: Using CloudSigma Kubernetes solutions, you will not need to build, operate, or maintain a Kubernetes cluster; you get everything in hand.
  2. Auto-Scaling: Manage your workloads effectively and save extra costs for resources not in use. Leverage auto-scaling to scale up or down servers based on demand.
  3. Online Resources: Whether you are just getting started or already using Kubernetes, we have technical cloud tutorials and cloud tutorial videos avail for everyone.

Downside: Although CloudSigma Kubernetes come with standout features and functionalities, it still has the essence of Kubernetes. That means you will still need to train your workforce with the complexities and the jargon included in Kubernetes.

Switching Deployment Platform

You can pick any deployment solution based on the business requirements. Also, your present stage in the business plays a significant role. However, there is no need to stick to the same model forever. In the development stage, where traffic is significantly low, try a pocket-friendly solution like IaaS or SaaS. With time, as your business scales up, consider switching to the deployment model Cloud Sigma Kubernetes to enjoy high flexibility.

Considerations When choosing a Kubernetes Management Platform

Regardless of the deployment model, there are a few considerations that you must know when considering Kubernetes for your infrastructure needs. Let’s check:

  1. Production Grade
    Kubernetes setup can take a lot of time and resources; hence, a solution ready for production can help you avoid these configuration problems and simplify cluster management. All activities in the cluster must be automatic to fasten the production rate.
  2. Type of Cloud
    Kubernetes can be used anywhere to deploy to any cloud with more availability and security. A Kubernetes management console should have features that can help avoid tooling bursts, potential risks, and management overhead.
  3. Manageability
    Managing a Kubernetes cluster ready for production with total security, scalability, observability, and reliability is challenging. Ensure that the platform you choose has automated, intelligent monitoring capabilities to detect problems early so that you can troubleshoot and take action.

Let’s Get Started

Sign up for a free CloudSigma account and get started with Kubernetes. If you have any questions about cloud migration or the cost involved in these cloud deployment solutions, contact us and get a free consultation. Furthermore, you can explore our blogs to explore more on Kubernetes.