The Customer Defined Cloud

Why use our platform?
We offer a combination of raw underlying computing power with an approach and tools that channel computing power in the most effective way. The result is best price/performance on the market and a solution that customers can and do build production services with.

  True High Performance

Our modern hardware and CPU customization options will allow your applications to fly whatever your operating system or workload.

  SSD & Magnetic Storage

Mix and match all SSD and magnetic storage with our cloud servers. Want an SSD drive for the OS & magnetic for the data? No problem.

  All 10GigE Networking

Easily stream at multiple gigabit speeds from our cloud servers. Avoid network bottlenecks on big data runs, video streams, you name it!

  Instant Provisioning

Provision servers, drives, IPs, private networks and pretty much any other resource we offer on the fly without delays.

  An Elegant API

We use our API for our own customer control panel. It’s got 100% feature coverage and is easy to use.

  Wide Resource Ranges

We offer up to 40 CPU cores and 128GB RAM per server. Size your SSD drives up to 5TB each or up to 100TB per magnetic drive.

  Free Resources

Every customer spending $10 or more per month receives 1GB of RAM, 50GB SSD and 5TB of outbound data transfer gratis.

  Data Safe from Prying Eyes

Our company and secure cloud servers are structured to be independent by location. If you do computing with us in Switzerland you are subject to Swiss law only. In the US subject only to US law, etc.

  A Custom KVM Cloud

KVM delivers full virtualization. That means dedicated resource allocation, better securing and ring fenced performance per customer.

 ISO Security Certified Cloud

CloudSigma’s cloud infrastructure and services have been certified as compliant with the highest ISO 27001 requirements for security and data privacy.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Full Infrastructure Spectrum Offering 02 1
We offer a full deployment spectrum allowing customers to optimize how they balance their workloads between private and public cloud infrastructure options. Through our global partnership with Equinix we are able to offer a combination of world class private hosting capabilities alongside leading CloudSigma public cloud locations.
  Host private infrastructure alongside CloudSigma
  Patch with a 10GigE layer 2 line
  Achieve full line speed & low latency with our private patch technology
  Cloud Burst with ease or use CloudSigma for disaster recovery & backup seamlessly

Seamlessly combine infrastructure delivery models to achieve your strategic aims. From pure cloud infrastructure to dedicated resources within the public cloud to hybrid cloud options that leverage in-house private infrastructure with the elasticity and price transparency of an external cloud solution.

Cloud Integrations & Drivers

We constantly look for new ways to make our cloud easier to use and more relevant to our customers’ every day computing. We are proud to offer a number of external integrations, drivers for our cloud as well as valuable partnerships offering customers value from partners including Ubuntu, OpenVPN and New Relic.

OpenStack Cloud Heat Plugin   OpenStack Heat Plugin

Manage CloudSigma workloads from within your OpenStack deployment.
Website      Plugin

Ubuntu Certified Cloud   Ubuntu & CloudInit

Automatically customise our standard Ubuntu cloud server images on boot. Inject SSH keys, update and install packages and more.
Website      CloudInit

CoreOS Managed Linux   CoreOS & cloudinit

Baked in Docker support; customize CoreOS over our API or web console directly.
Website      cloudinit

jclouds Apache Cloud Driver   Apache jclouds Driver

Manage CloudSigma alongside other private & public clouds with this Java or Clojure based driver.
Website      Driver

Apache Libcloud Driver   Apache Libcloud Driver

Manage CloudSigma alongside other private & public clouds with this python based driver.
Website      Driver Ruby cloud services library Library

Manage CloudSigma using this Ruby cloud services library.
Website      Documentation

Ansible Cloud Automation   Ansible Integration

Use Dynamic Inventory Sources for CloudSigma cloud servers.
Website      GitHub

Abiquo Hybrid Cloud   Abiquo Hybrid Cloud

Manage your CloudSigma public cloud infrastructure alongside your private infrastructure using Abiquo.
Website      anyCloud

CloudSigma Python Library   pycloudsigma Library

Easily automate and manage your cloud infrastructure over the CloudSigma API with this Python library.
GitHub      Documentation

High Availability & our Service Level Agreement

Service availability and uptime are essential for production services. There is a danger when moving to the cloud that you can lose proper visibility over your infrastructure allowing single points of failure to creep in. We’ve built tools that empower our customers allowing them to automatically see single points of failure on compute and storage and eliminate them. Ask us about our high availability feature-set and tools!

Highlights of our SLA:

  A 100% uptime reference point
  x50 time credits against any downtime over 15min
  1ms max latency internally in our clouds
  Full details by location: Switzerland | United States

Professional Incident Management:

  Proactive alerting of affected customers
  Periodic updates throughout any incident
  Incident closure alerting
  Full root cause analysis & actions shared with customers

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