CloudSigma is the preferred cloud partner of the Open Clouds for Research
Environments project (OCRE), aiming to accelerate cloud adoption
in the European research community.

Our value offer to the GÉANT community


After being selected by GÉANT as the only cloud partner to provide OCRE vouchers to researchers as part of the preparation activities prior to the OCRE framework agreement, we are now excited to be part of this framework agreement for a second consecutive time.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with CloudSigma in the future and helping support research and education across Europe.”
David Heyns
Manager Cloud Services @ GÉANT

Based on our experience, the following value propositions of CloudSigma have been highlighted by our customers from the research and education community:

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We have features & offerings specifically for the GÉANT community

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Our cloud provides functionalities that are optimal for research workloads

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We offer the highest level of customer service


Direct peering to GÉANT
eduGAIN federated login
Attractive discounts

Instant provisioning – create a new server in less than 30 seconds
Flexible virtual machine sizing
Low-cost repository for big research data volumes

Free migration to and off the CloudSigma cloud
Free Proof-of-Concept accounts
Free technical support and personal account management



CloudSigma has a long history of delivering cloud infrastructure services to the research and education community. Our experience has helped us formulate specific use cases and has encouraged us to develop services targeted at various infrastructure challenges faced by the research institutes, universities and earth observation institutions.


Research Departments

Challenges Solutions
Unplanned ad-hoc ICT capacity requirements from various research projects and faculties. Cost-efficient subscriptions for predictable capacity.
  Pay-as-you-go burst applied every 5 minutes allowing for ad-hoc and short-term scalability for on-demand research computing requirements.
  Combinations are also possible.
Security concerns regarding external infrastructure. Hybrid infrastructure options for keeping sensitive workloads in-house and using cloud capacities for less sensitive, short-term projects.
  GÉANT connectivity guarantees minimal latency.
  ISO certificates & GDPR compliance.

Success Stories

INP Greifswald Logo Copy

INP Greifswald collaborated with CloudSigma for a new project that aims at enabling and permanently supporting data-driven research and knowledge transfer in the field of plasma technology.

CloudSigma could fulfil all requirements in terms of both security and scalability.

We are fascinated  by the easy platform management and the high resource agility. Therefore, we would like to use CloudSigma for future cloud projects.
Dr. rer. nat.  Markus Becker,
Project Manager @ INP
Oxford Brookes University Logo

One of the first research institutions awarded a CloudSigma voucher through OCRE is Oxford Brookes University’s Department of Biological and Medical Sciences. The university needed a highly scalable and customizable cloud solution for a single-cell sequencing research project. 

CloudSigma provided the scalability, flexibility and excellent technical support the research team required to be able to work on their project quickly and efficiently.

Before moving to the cloud, we encountered bottlenecks in terms of access to resources that other scientists wanted to use at the same time on the shared university server. Having CloudSigma’s scalability, being able to spin up multiple instances simultaneously, helped us solve that problem in a really efficient way.”
Dr. Nathan J. Kenny,
Postdoctoral Fellow @ Oxford Brookes University

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Uni Labs

Challenge Solutions
Professors need a large number of limited cloud accounts, which the students can use for experiments in their IT/cloud computing classes. Tailored test period offering via a promo code.
  Access control lists allowing professors to share various sets of resources with one or more other accounts.
The accounts should be limited in capacity to avoid abuse and overbill. No overbilling per definition.
School’s traditional on-premises computing equipment are often slow and less flexible. All CloudSigma clouds run on latest generation HPE hardware, which guarantees top performance.

Success Stories

Restena Logo 2

RESTENA and CloudSigma collaborated in order to provide cloud services for a post-secondary education course named “Installation and Configuration of Windows Server”, run by the Lycée des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg.

In a setting like ours, we wanted to have full control on how much we pay. So, we really appreciated that with CloudSigma if you run out of funds there is no additional billing. We were also happy with CloudSigma’s five minutes burst cycles. They made billing very flexible and fit our particular needs for this project.
Stefan Winter,
R&D Engineer @ RESTENA

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Sheffield Hallam University Logo 01

Sheffield Hallam University and CloudSigma cooperated in an initiative with nearly fifty students taken part in the cloud computing module.
The students were divided into three groups and were given various practical tasks, from VM creation to Apache installation.

Nearly all of the students found it very easy to provision a VM on CloudSigma. They attached an Ubuntu operating system and then installed and ran Apache2. Overall, the CloudSigma webapp seemed simple, intuitive and straightforward. This was my main reason for choosing CloudSigma.”
Dr. John Kirby,
Senior Lecturer & Knowledge Transfer Champion @ Sheffield Hallam University

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CloudSigma is trusted by more than 50 universities,
research institutions & public organizations around the world:


Earth Observation

Challenge Solutions
Infrastructural challenges of big data workloads such as scalability or performance. CloudSigma’s tiered storage offering (SSD, scale-out magnetic and object storage) allows for a maximum price-performance ratio. 
  CloudSigma uses highest performance cloud stack powered by HPE’s latest generation hardware.
The Earth Observation market requires an ecosystem where data and
compute are bundled together so that end users can list and discover data-driven services as well as various data sets and value-added subproduct.
CloudSigma is maintaining a repository of satellite data for Europe and North America. The repository is accessible with near-zero latency by all European cloud locations.
  Combining CloudSigma’s powerful computing environment with a repository of Sentinel data creates a unique environment on which to place Earth Observation related workloads and services.

Success Stories

ESA Logo 3

CloudSigma supports with its infrastructure the RSS team (Research and Service Support) of the European Space Agency (ESA).
Thanks to the successful collaboration, ESA RSS was able to improve the quality of its services while continuing to grow and expand its deployment.

By having our choice of good performance, cost-effective storage as well as high-performance SSD storage, all of which is elastic and on-demand, we’re able to quickly and cost effectively deploy our platform, whose goal is to use Earth Observation data to protect both life and property from earthquake and volcanic hazards.
Julio Carreira,
Capacity Manager @ European Space Agency

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NasaSpaceAppsChallenge Logo 1

Every year since 2013, CloudSigma fuels NASA incubator innovation program Space Apps Challenge. The hackathon embraces the collaborative nature of open-source software. 
Using CloudSigma’s open-source cloud and access to our Sentinel data repository, participants engage with publicly available data and provide innovative solutions to the hackathon challenges. 
CloudSigma has also sponsored some other similar events such as the Copernicus Hackathon Sofia.

With CloudSigma’s platform participants of the Copernicus Hackathon could realize their projects faster and smoother.
Evgeny Petrov,
IT guru @ RST-TTO

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